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Limited Time Offer Price Increase In

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The 3 day LinkedIn workshop 

All trainings will be delivered in a private exclusive FB community

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The perfect companion with this book!:: 4 part series on How to Crush Duplication and get your team members recruiting right away. This is how you build a big team! This training is a combined almost 2 hours long with the most in depth step by step guide to take your business to the next level. Type a message

How to

find network marketing prospects on LinkedIn


that work on LinkedIn

Advanced software

to FIND leads and have automated messages that aren’t spammy or salesy

​Create a profile

to increase credibility and attract leads.

​How to create 

CONTENT to attract your target market

If your warm

market is dry we will give you a whole new platform to generate leads


has the most suitable prospects out there!

​Your Prospecting 

LinkedIn Recruiting Daily Routine

How To Use

​LinkedIn For Network Marketing To Recruit More Solid Business People Into Your Team!

We will teach you how

to make 100 connections a day in less than 15 min

You only have one chance to join us !

June 3rd, Wednesday

 June 4th, Thursday

June 5th, Friday

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